Naverisk 2016 is Now Available!

Naverisk 2016 is Now Available!

Naverisk 2016 is now available for managed service providers (MSP’s) and technology professionals world-wide. An all-in-one solution for the IT industry, Naverisk 2016 extends its robust solution set by introducing new features that will help to optimize, automate, track and support IT management functions.

Some of the key improvements in Naverisk 2016 include:

Service Auto-Remediation

A cutting-edge, ticket-based workflow engine that empowers MSPs to automate service offerings, communication, tracking, escalation and processes based on both system events and user-driven tickets.

Enhanced Device Discovery & Automation

A redesigned network probe provides you with fast network discovery and agent deployments to Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux® based platforms across multiple networks simultaneously.

Improved UI Functionality

New Quick Find, Client Status tracking, Enhanced Data Views and Reporting features help technicians respond to and manage customer needs faster and more conveniently from an all-in-one RMM and PSA solution.


A codebase upgrade and overhaul positioned Naverisk to include over 200 defect fixes, adjustments and improvements, making Naverisk 2016 the fastest, most reliable version ever released.

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