Naverisk for Managed Service Providers

RMM, Ticketing and Billing – In A Single Solution

Naverisk™ offers a complete all-in-one solution that provides the tools, ticketing, automation and flexibility that MSPs require to structure their service offerings. With Master MSP capabilities, Naverisk empowers you to structure your agreements and automate your services, ticketing and billing in one web based solution!

Some of the benefits Managed Service Professionals (MSP’s) receive of using Naverisk include:

  • Saving Money: Reduce or eliminate your costs of using separate PSA, RMM, Remote and Patching solutions by using Naverisk, an all-in-one solution
  • Saving Time: Greatly reduce the time you spend on system administration, maintenance, troubleshooting, communication and more
  • Simplicity: Naverisk puts the tools and functions you need into a single, web based interface that can be learned by most in under 10 minutes
  • Automation: Naverisk automates patching, script execution, ticketing, alerting, monitoring, reporting billing and more
  • A True Partner: AS part of the ECI family, Naverisk provides world class support and tools focused on YOUR success

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