Need a New RMM?—Try the Naverisk™ RMM and Service Desk Suite!

The Naverisk Remote Monitoring & Service Desk Solution

Given some recent changes in the IT service provider industry, many managed service providers (MSPs) are looking to transition off and upgrade from their current remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution. We know this well as our explosive growth over the last 18 months has been mostly from MSP owners who were frustrated with the lack of support, the cost and the complexities of their system. If you’re in a similar situation, we can help!

The Naverisk RMM & Service Desk Suite is complete remote monitoring and service desk solution designed for managed service providers (MSPs). Used by thousands of IT professionals around the world, Naverisk provides a rich feature set providing capabilities in device monitoring, ticketing, billing, remote control, patching, event log monitoring, SNMP monitoring,and more. It’s 100% web-based, hosted in our cloud or at your location and includes everything you need to run your IT shop at an affordable price.

Here are some other reasons why MSPs are Switching to Naverisk!

Naverisk Is Simple

Built as a modern web application, the Naverisk RMM and Service Desk Suite is fast becoming known as the simplest solution on the market. Most IT professionals learn enough of the system in their first 5 minutes to apply it immediately in their business. The Naverisk Interface is efficiently designed to put the data and tools you need front and center, so that you can respond to IT issues fast. Unlike other RMM systems, using Naverisk you won’t need to do a deep-dive into the system but rather can get to most anything you need in a click or two.

Naverisk Is Efficiently Designed

Many RMM vendors try to sell you their product’s ability to perform thousands of different tasks and do all sorts of “cool” things. The problem here is that many of these extraneous “features” bloat the system and don’t provide real value for you in supporting your customers. In fact, most partners who switch off other solutions tell us that they used about 50–60% of the features from the previous tool.

Naverisk takes the opposite approach. We don’t bake non-essential features into the system. Instead we provide an efficient and easy to use, yet comprehensive feature-set that gives you the tools you’ll actually need and use.

Naverisk Deploys Fast

It’s amazing how much time and energy is spent by MSP owners in configuring their RMM systems. Our partners have told us their tales… the $1,000 + implementations that spans two or three days; the endless tweaks on the system just to get scripting working; the “automated” deployment engine that configures the system with hundreds of best practice scripts and such—only to generate thousands of unnecessary tickets. The list goes on.

This is another area where Naverisk truly excels. Our implementations are fast and driven by real people, who do this day in and day out. They’re experts in their field and can typically get your deployed and on-boarded in under 6 hours. And unlike other vendors, we don’t push you to a “University” for answers that you’ll need. With Naverisk, it’s simple. Have a question? Call us and we’re there.

Naverisk Is Affordable

If you’re like most partners who move over to Naverisk, you probably have an RMM system, a PSA solution and some type of billing solution. This is popular these days as some companies try to sell their “office” bundles. The question you have to ask here is why would you want to add the cost and complexity of integrating and administering three disparate systems, when you can get what you need from a single solution?

Our solution is typically 20–40% lower than the big boys and your only cost is that of the agents you will need to deploy. With Naverisk, you won’t need to pay for the ticketing and billing features nor some sloppy integration to a third party ticketing product. They’re included in the price and give you everything you need to monitor, manage, support, track time and invoice your customer. What’s more, most partners who upgrade to Naverisk see a tremendous cost savings when they factor in eliminating their PSA and quoting tools costs in addition to the savings in switching off their RMM system. With Naverisk you get a single solution for monitoring, billing and ticketing, at a lower price.

We’re Growing FAST!

Let’s be honest. While the Naverisk RMM and Service Desk Suite has most, if not all, of the tools you need to run your IT business. There is still work to be done! The IT support industry changes rapidly and we are constantly innovating and expanding our capabilities to give you great value in your solution.
While most other vendors simply upgrade their solution every 12–15 months, we are unique in our approach to delivering your better features, faster. This is why we operate on a rolling release cycle and deliver 2–3 feature releases every year. This results in our partners enjoying the benefits of the newer technology (and their enhancement requests) quicker which saves them time and increases their profits.

To learn more about how the Naverisk Remote Monitoring and Service Desk solution may be a great alternative to your current RMM system, Complete This Form or contact us directly at 213-228-5612