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  • Locations spread across several states and countries, all on their own IT systems
  • Minimal communications between different locations and no visibility into networks and computers at other locations
  • Some machines older, with little memory space, and running on dated operating systems


  • Third-party software updates run every day without human intervention
  • Easy system-wide deployment through a start-up script
  • The IT staff is now genuinely a team that can work together
  • Easier diagnosis of problems on remote computers through remote access

A complex, global organization with virtually no IT

Quickel remembers what life was like at TydenBrooks in the pre-Naverisk days and those memories aren’t particularly fond ones.

Quickel had used Naverisk earlier in his career before joining TydenBrooks and he knew first hand its potential to put an end to the dysfunction and take systems management at the company to a new level.

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When we began USA Computer Services we had several choices when it came to selecting an RMM and PSA utility. Having been in the industry myself for over 12 years I have used them all along the way. The one thing I was concerned about was that most of the RMM/PSA vendors have overloaded their products with far too many options (some cost extra), most are never used, and the learning curve for the business and employees was far too great. When we found Naverisk (after Dell Packet Trap closed up shop) we knew we were working with a relativity new player to the game and that they were combining both a service desk and a RMM tool all in one product which was a huge bonus to us. We have been using Naverisk for several months now and couldn’t be happier. The support is second to none…this is worth repeating, I deal with many vendors and Naverisk’s Technical and Customer support is second to none! They are always responsive and extremely helpful, they hold our hand on the simple stuff and are quick to respond when we have a important question. The service has never been unavailable (except for scheduled updates…which they do a couple times a year…woohoo, free new features!!!) and we couldn’t be happier with our choice to use Naverisk to grow our company. The weekly and monthly reporting gives our clients an overview of the work we have done and overall health of their network which makes our lives easier when recommending upgrades or system replacements.

Pros: Top notch support, reliable, simple to use, new features added frequently, they listen to the Naverisk community on future enhancements

Cons: It’s tough to label this as a con as I know they are working to get this released in the next release or two but no Quickbooks integration is my only negative.

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Torrey Browne, CEO, USA Computer Services

Having tested this software for a week using Naverisk Cloud it was blatantly apparent this product was perfect for our current support structure and going forward for our MSP development. After demonstrating the product to our Directors and outlining the benefits over other MSP software I was able to purchase Naverisk then and there. We opted to purchase an on prem solution – the server install was for the most part straight forward but if you are familiar with IIS and SQL you should be fine.

We currently offer break fix support for a wide variety of clients and hardware. I have deployed Naverisk on all the the servers we support (no matter what contract level they have), it stops little day to day headaches (Checking backups, checking virus definitions, making sure the server has the right resources). It makes the perfect monitoring tool just for those critical servers.

Additional to the server side monitoring we have undergone extensive testing on workstation monitoring and the extra features for example the ability to send scripts to multiple devices make day to day management as easy as two clicks. This has increased our support turn around and has made management of our clients systems at least 80% more effective. We are now effectively and proactively monitoring 700+ endpoints in our first 3 months. We aim for this figure to increase expenentially in the next few months as the system will provide the service and features we need to keep staffing to a minimum but also maximise our clients experience.

Yes the features of MSP software are pretty much of a sameness but Naverisk makes deployment and implementation easy and streamlined. The more I use Naverisk the more potential I see in the service I can provide to my clients. Naverisk offers pretty much all the features other MSP’s try and up sell you as extras in one box. We currently use team viewer but I can see this becoming obsolete now we have the Remote Desktop capability Naverisk offers with VNC or standard RDP.

I know that Naverisk have an on boarding team but believe me the software and tutorials are so easy to follow you shouldn’t really need any guidance. Whenever I have needed any advice Naverisk have always been on hand and have answered any questions very promptly.

The team at Naverisk are excellent – unlike other MSP Software houses that are always trying the “Hard Sell” Naverisk know the software speaks for itself.

If you are reading this review – seriously just go to to the website and request a trial whether you are an IT Administrator for a SMB or a full blown MSP. This will save you hours of work and you will provide an excellent level of service to all your users. You can produce very granular reports on pretty much anything you need – Usage, performance, Security, Backup… and so on…

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Matt Shore, Naverisk Customer

We went through a fairly exhaustive trawl of the RMM market just over a year ago. We had trials and quotes for quite a few of them. What attracted us to Naverisk was the inclusion of both RMM and Service Desk. Added to that Naverisk have both on-site and hosted SaaS offerings. We needed 1,500 end users and on-site offered an extremely cost effective solution.
Naverisk is our first RMM solution and whilst I will admit we have found things that we would have liked were missing from the service desk, Naverisk actually listen to their customers and implement the requests. The RMM aspects were pretty comprehensive. The Service Desk is where we found a few omissions. However, in the last 13 months there have been 3 new releases and there is another due in any day now. These 4 releases have filled many of the gaps we found in the service desk as well as adding new facilities to the RMM aspects.

I can’t express enough how refreshing it is to be dealing with a company that actually listens to their customers. How many of the other RMM providers can say the CEO gets his/her hands dirty dealing with the customers. Jon and his team are always willing to discuss ideas and are there to help. If you are unsure of how to use certain aspects of the system then free live on-line training sessions with one of the support guys are readily available. However, the system is very intuitive and there is an active forum.

I am sure if you want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for Kaseya or Labtech then I am certain you will find something on its feature list that Naverisk doesn’t have. But ask yourself is it worth paying 4-5 times the price for those features in a system that is much less user friendly.

All-in-all Naverisk is a good product at a good price from a good company.

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Paul..., Naverisk Customer

Being a hands on expert and a trusted adviser in implementation of service assurance products for fortune 500 companies in the US and around the world, I am very impressed with the Naverisk RMM product and its professional staff. The product is scalable, very well thought of, and it complies with all the ITIL best practices procedures and methodologies. It is easy to implement, and learning curve is really insignificant; it is very intuitive!!!. Naverisk support staff would really support every step of the way. They are very sincere and honest, and they go extra mile helping their clients/partners to succeed. I am looking for long term relationship with Naverisk. Thanks Naverisk for helping PCH Software to succeed.

PCH Software
Mehrdad Heydari

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Mehrdad Heydari, Naverisk Customer

Hello All,

Just weighing in on this conversation… if you’re looking for a nice RMM tool to replace PacketTrap I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at a product called Naverisk.
I’ve worked with them at a previous company and was so impressed with their product and support that when I was brought on-board at my new company (where IT is a major mess) I immediately knew what I needed to get everything inventoried, under control and accessible – Naverisk. My company currently has 6 US/Mexico locations (multiple companies that have been merged in the past year) and are based on the East Coast. We are currently managing 350+ devices, and haven’t added many of our core switches or firewalls yet. Naverisk has helped me and my tech analysts give better support to the company, have a better overall view of our assets, and alert us so we can address problems before the users ever complain. I LOVE IT, and each of my analysts would tell you the same – it has made all our jobs MUCH easier.

Roy T. Quickel
Systems/Network Engineer
TydenBrooks SPG

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We are a UK based Managed Service Provider. We moved from GFI Max to the Naverisk RMM platform about 8 months ago. The move has saved us a lot of money and their support has been consistently reliable and responsive.

The Naverisk team have a lot of experience in the MSP industry and it shows in the platform features and their approach to partner support.

We mainly use the Naverisk RMM features, but are looking to take advantage of the Service Desk and Time Tracking/Billing capabilities shortly. Having everything we need in one software platform for our IT services business is very appealing.

The next release (V5.2) is due in a month or so, this has native Mac and Linux agents as well as a host other improvements.

We also utilize their security services suite and have started deploying Bitdefender end point security to our clients. The partnership discounts are awesome!

Overall the decision to move from GFI Max to Naverisk was a very positive one for our business.

Paul Moroney,

Naverisk is great for Startups and small consultants to build their company.

We are an SMB focused MSP based in Canada and we have been using Naverisk for over a year now as our RMM solution. We were looking for a on-premise installation, and most only offer SaaS service. This was one of the main reasons for Naverisk partnership. This allowed us to reduce the overall cost, and allows us to manage the data in-house.

The partnership is real, support is responsive and we get a personalized service. The time different between Canada and Naverisk support has never affected or caused any delays for our company, clients, or support.

We have just loaded the V5.2 public beta release. WOW! This is quality software. The Remote Control has been hugely improved and we can now offer our clients a branded web portal they can login to manage their support jobs and tickets.

If you are looking for software to run your IT business Naverisk should be at the top of your list. There is a lot more on offer here than just a RMM solution, the platform includes easy use service desk, time tracking and billing capabilities.

Key factors for us:

* Systray Icon that allows direct communication, screen shots, and brand-able.
* Customer Portal
* On-premise installation
* Overall cost

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Kevin D.,

Nós, da itnX (www.itnx.com.br), acreditamos que, sem Naverisk, nunca poderíamos alcançar a qualidade da prestação de serviços como a que temos hoje.

Em um único console temos o total controle sobre nossos dispositivos gerenciados.

NAVERISK não é só a nossa ferramenta RMM, é também uma plataforma de recepção de serviço completo, onde nos também apoiamos solicitações do usuário.

NAVERISK também nos trouxe novas oportunidades para entrar em um mercado diferente no Brasil, podendo ofertar ao mercado a instalação no local para grandes departamentos de TI é um grande negócio.

A NAVERISK esta constantemente a melhorar a ferramenta e desenvolvimento de recursos com base em solicitações.

A nova versao 5.2 esta robusta e com funcionalidades excelentes.

Excelente suporte, muito rápido e eficiente.

Uma excelente opção para provedores de serviços de TI.

Para nos a parceria com a NAVERISK se tornou muito estrategrica por agragar muito valor a nossa empresa e a de nossos clientes.

Vamos avaliá-los com a nota 5, por termos certeza que e plataforma correta para nosso negocio.

Antonio Santos,

Having been a veteran of Kaseya, N-Able, GFI, Labtech (almost – extended trial but didn’t sign) and Centrastage, I can say that Naverisk is a breath of fresh air. It contains all the necessary features you would expect from an RMM plus a few more you wouldn’t expect. We don’t use the service desk features as we have it integrated with Autotask (which works well).

The main factors that made us pick it were its speed of operation and the simplicity of its monitoring setup. Monitoring is very easy to apply yet also very granular at the same time.

Naverisk have been great to deal with as a company. Support has been excellent and it is great to deal with a smaller company that knows who you are and follow up on support issues rather than having to be pestered.

All round, a great product from a great company.

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Donald M., Naverisk Customer
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