Hello All,

Just weighing in on this conversation… if you’re looking for a nice RMM tool to replace PacketTrap I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at a product called Naverisk.
I’ve worked with them at a previous company and was so impressed with their product and support that when I was brought on-board at my new company (where IT is a major mess) I immediately knew what I needed to get everything inventoried, under control and accessible – Naverisk. My company currently has 6 US/Mexico locations (multiple companies that have been merged in the past year) and are based on the East Coast. We are currently managing 350+ devices, and haven’t added many of our core switches or firewalls yet. Naverisk has helped me and my tech analysts give better support to the company, have a better overall view of our assets, and alert us so we can address problems before the users ever complain. I LOVE IT, and each of my analysts would tell you the same – it has made all our jobs MUCH easier.

Roy T. Quickel
Systems/Network Engineer
TydenBrooks SPG

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