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Provide remarkable IT service in the office, on-site, or on-the-go with the Naverisk  mobile app.

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Your Naverisk Companion on the Go

The Naverisk mobile app offers a convenient mobile solution for service desk and ticket management. As an extension of the Naverisk web application you can access your Naverisk views, handle ticket queues, stay on top of critical issues, view alerts, and monitor system health 24/7 – all in the palm of your hand.

A must-have tool for managers, technicians, and supervisors on the move.

  • On-the-go access to your service desk and ticketing

  • Access your Naverisk view and manage your ticket queues just like the web application

  • View critical threats/alerts (new and existing) and monitor failures. The perfect tool for managers, technicians, and supervisors


Productivity on the Move

The Naverisk mobile app empowers you to simplify ticket creation and issue reporting on your mobile device, providing seamless collaboration with your team while working remotely.

Enjoy the freedom of productive task management from anywhere.

  • Create tickets and report issues with ease, right from your mobile device

  • Instant Team Collaboration: Share your work instantly with your team, enhancing remote productivity

  • Efficiency without Boundaries: Manage tasks from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted productivity, regardless of your location

Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration

With the Naverisk mobile app, you can streamline your tasks, maintain customer communication, collaborate with team members on notes, and manage escalated issues, when away from the office.

The app simplifies file attachments and seamless content transfer from your mobile, aiding technicians in their on-site tasks and documentation.

  • Elevate client connections beyond your desk through public replies, wherever you roam

  • Transform teamwork with effortless note creation, editing, and review among colleagues

  • Simplify file attachments, ditch downloads, and unlock the potential to transfer mobile content to tickets for seamless onsite support and documentation


Device Management

Experience enhanced device management capabilities with the Naverisk mobile app. Support for iOS coming soon.

Key Features:

  • Device Screen: View online and offline devices across all clients.

  • Filter and Search: Utilize saved views from the Naverisk web application. Create custom device searches.

  • Device Tasks: Run script packs, restart agents and devices.

  • Details Tab: Access detailed information about device status, uptime, user, IP address, and agent version.

  • Attributes Tab: View and edit device attributes including owner, purchase, warranty, and lease dates.

  • Audit Tab: Access audit logs for selected devices.

  • Hardware Tab: Access detailed hardware information including system, CPU, memory, storage, board, and BIOS.

  • OS Tab: Access information about the operating system of each device.

Available on Android


What are the key benefits of the Naverisk mobile app?

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