2020 R1 Release Notes

July 24, 2020

Manage client billing better with the latest release of Naverisk.

We’re excited to announce the release of Naverisk 2020 R1. This latest update features new billing and agreement features, alongside agent upgrades and expanded customization for Contact attributes.

Billing & Agreements Upgrade

The start of many new billing features set to come. You can now customize billing agreements to include “All You Can Eat” (AYCE) options. These new AYCE agreements can be mapped directly to end users (Contacts), meaning you can now support charging your clients a fixed fee per user.

Mac & Linux Agent Upgrades

Improve your Mac & Linux agent reliability, performance and stability with all new Mac & Linux Agents. Updated deployment scripts can be found in the routine store.

Contact Attributes

You can now add extra attributes to a client’s contacts. Featuring new fields such as IT experience, manager’s name and email, gender, agreements and preferred languages. Collect everything you know in the one place!

Additional Changes

  • Device command console upgrade – ability to pin multiple device consoles and retain console state
  • Device command console upgrade – improved reliability, performance and stability
  • Security Centre monitoring upgrade
  • Grid & table update across RMM components and Service Desk
  • Workflow improvements for automation rules
  • Ticket timer improvements
  • Xero integration upgrade
  • Autotask integration upgrade

Bug Fixes

We’ve also addressed a number of bugs, including:

  • Fixed: When ticket duration format is set to minutes (in user profile/settings), users can now only record whole numbers
  • Fixed: When using the hh:mm time format, users can now enter value smaller than 1 hour
  • Fixed: Fixed: “Last Connected” data not returning consistent information of device, in some instances
  • Fixed: Sorting devices by device types in grids and table, in some cases
  • Fixed: Login timeout selected by Naverisk users always ends a session
  • Fixed: Start date of time notes can now be set in the past
  • Fixed: Expense note start date can be set using the calendar picker
  • Fixed: Document table not displayed correctly when document description is very long
  • Fixed: Validation message still showing in document page after all mandatory fields are filled in some instances
  • Fixed: Number of characters allowed for ticket category name extended
  • Fixed: Search documents validation message now showing correctly
  • Fixed: Response templates failing to send email on ticket creation, in some instances
  • Fixed: Quantity in expense notes is showing under incorrect column, in some instances
  • Fixed: Quantity value issue in resource utilisation detail, resource utilisation summary
  • Fixed: Detach function of dashboard has been improved
  • Fixed: New automation rules error message display issue, in some instances
  • Fixed: “Move Agents” display issue. Buttons now fully visible
  • Fixed: “Save” button display issue on device/attributes tab. Button now fully visible without scrolling
  • Fixed: Automation UI was truncated in some instances
  • Fixed: Incorrect messaging when restarting agent from passive devices
  • Fixed: Retrieve button is now disabled when device is disconnected
  • Fixed: New contact not showing in tickets, in some instances
  • Fixed: Ticket status does not automatically update when archiving from device tab
  • Fixed: Adding a note to tickets from device page, in some cases
  • Fixed: Conversion of duration format from minutes to hours.

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