2022 R2 Release Notes

July 1, 2022

Welcome to Naverisk 2022 R2

Naverisk is a complete, all-in-one, RMM & Service Desk / PSA platform that helps MSP’s and IT professionals to easily monitor and automate IT services and operations.

We value feedback on our roadmap! Our Forum (https://forum.naverisk.com/) is the place to share feature requests or usability comments for roadmap consideration.

Client tree expansion

Improved your ability to organize and manage your clients with two additional levels in the client tree.

Links to tickets and devices

Copy and share ticket and device links, making it simpler to collaborate with other Naverisk users.

Script packs, automated emails

Ability to send an email to the script task initiator (populated by default) or any other email recipients, listing all devices running selected scripts.

Script packs, automated ticketing

The ability to create tickets for audit and billing purposes. Individual tickets will be created for each client, listing all devices running selected scripts.

Uninstalling software, automated emails

Ability to send an email to the software management task initiator (populated by default) or any other email recipients, listing all clients and devices undergoing software management tasks

Uninstalling software, automated ticketing

The ability to create tickets for audit and billing purposes. Individual tickets will be created for each client listing all devices having software removed.

Public replies, show email recipients

Public replies (emails) will now automatically populate all recipients of the last email received or sent. Email headers will be displayed in the summary and activity tabs of tickets.

New contact, RBAC

The right to create new contact in Naverisk now has its own permission.

Console, sysnative

Added a new default command to quickly open the sysnative folder from device’s console tab

Ticket status filtering

Added a ticket status filter on the ticket tab of device page to view all ticket statuses (open, closed, archived).

Term agreements, partial hours support

The ability to set term agreements with partial hours.

OAuth 2.0 authentication for Microsoft 365

Added support for Microsoft 365’s modern authentication, allowing OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Agent MSI installer

MSI name has been shortened to improve agent deployment.

Archived projects

New tickets can no longer be added to archived projects and archived projects can no longer be selected in tickets fields.

Searching for software on device page

Removed the need to click “apply” when searching installed software. Pressing the ENTER key will start the software search.

Scheduled jobs, re-enabled behaviour

Re-enabled scheduled jobs will run on the next scheduled date, or when re-enabled within an hour of the last scheduled run.

User notifications, unassigned tickets

Alert recipients will be emailed when new emails, or notes, are added to unassigned tickets.

Tickets, due dates

Added the ability to set ticket due dates in the past.

Performance, stability & quality improvements

You asked, we listened. On top of all the new features and improvements in R2, we had a major focus on fixing bugs and improving the general performance of Naverisk.

  • Fixed: Attached images will no longer disappear from tickets
  • Fixed: Times displayed on completed scheduled job reports will now offset for client time zone
  • Fixed: Previously bulk updated tickets will now be able to be individually updated in ticket UI
  • Fixed: Show installed updates option will be available without having to select an OS patch first
  • Fixed: Time displayed on completed scheduled job will be based on client time zone in all cases
  • Fixed: Column resizing in completed scheduled job
  • Fixed: Disabled contact will no longer be showing in user profile, client’s primary and secondary contacts
  • Fixed: Previously created template will be selectable in new projects
  • Fixed: Graphs in device summary report
  • Fixed: Increased the number of allowed characters in script file names
  • Fixed: Ticket due date/time will no longer be affected by devices on different time zones
  • Fixed: Copied and cloned projects will be showing in the right client
  • Fixed: PNG files will now be selectable from inline image upload of public reply
  • Fixed: Desktop shortcuts will not be created when tray icon checkbox is unticked
  • Fixed: Zendesk integration errors will now show on the integration failure report
  • Fixed: PDF output of device audit detail report will be consistent with all other output versions
  • Fixed: View missing patches button will be displayed on missing patches ticket alerts
  • Fixed: Software filter of device grid will list all software
  • Fixed: Inheritance checkbox and save button will now be showing correctly on client status page (Settings)
  • Fixed: WMI scan will now run at the expected scheduled time
  • Fixed: Multiple agents can now be deployed to unmanaged devices discovered by Naverisk probe
  • Fixed: MSI name has been shortened to allow agent deployment via group policies

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