5 Things You Didn’t Know Naverisk Could Do

July 31, 2019

We can’t tell you how often our clients say to us, “I didn’t know Naverisk could do that!”.

Naverisk is built with the aim to help MSPs and IT Professionals save costs and increase their efficiency. It does this through powerful automation.

With that in mind, here are 5 amazing features that will help your team save time. These can be especially useful if your techs are regularly on the road!  

Trigger device actions with an email

This one is perfect for those technicians who are regularly on the road. Within Naverisk, automation rules work by processing emails using certain criteria from tickets, such as Trigger, Description, Ticket Status, SLA Status, etc.

Email integration creates tickets from emails. So it’s only natural that you can also trigger automation rules with an email.

Using these automation rules, you could trigger the restart of a device, send an email or even run a script. This means that your techs can deliver fast and efficient remote service, simply via the email on their phone.  

Manage your Hyper-V environment

Whether you are familiar with Hyper-V servers or not, you may be surprised to find out that you can manage the environment from within Naverisk.

Managing your Hyper-V environment through Naverisk opens up a TON of automation opportunities. These range from creating a checkpoint for your Hyper-V through to configuring the memory of a VM. If you can do it in PowerShell, you can do it in Naverisk.

Remotely notify users to reboot their PC

One of the built-in features of Naverisk is that IT Administrators can inform users to reboot their device post-update.

This feature is very handy on its own, but it can be taken to the next level with scripting. Utilizing a basic script, you can automate the notification process with a dialog box on a users desktop. If you want to be a bit

fancy, you can even set it to use the Windows 10 notification styling. Therefore you can save valuable time previously spent on manual notifications.

Utilize wmic to remove applications in bulk

One of the basic functions of Naverisk is the ability to remotely remove applications from a device via the software tab. The limitation of this is that you can only remove apps from one device at a time. This is where the wmic command line comes in handy.

The wmic command line tool allows you to manage a number of actions for Windows computers. One of these actions is uninstalling select programs on a PC. Utilizing the wmic command, you can remove applications on devices in bulk. As a result, you won’t be wasting time editing each device individually.

Deploy fonts to Windows PCs

Naverisk can be used to deploy fonts across both Windows 7 and Windows 10 devices. Using a simple script, you can quickly and easily deploy as many fonts as you want, across an endless number of devices!

This is especially handy for major deployments where you suddenly have a request to install a new font across an entire organization.

Automate your service delivery with Naverisk:

Naverisk is an all-in-one RMM, Service Desk & PSA solution for MSPs and IT Professionals.

From monitoring and device management to ticketing and billing, Naverisk removes the need for running multiple programs.

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