Arma Data Protection Primary Storage on a Network Drive Release

December 13, 2023

Great news for Arma Data Protection clients!

In our latest update, you can set a network drive as your primary storage!

At Arma, we're constantly striving to provide our partners with the best tools for managing data efficiently. With our latest update, we're introducing improvements to storage options, allowing greater control and flexibility.

You can now designate a network drive as your primary storage. This means you can now easily store your essential data on your network drive, simplifying access and management.  

Important to note  

You can only change your storage settings before your first backup. Once the initial backup is done, these settings are fixed. So, plan and set up your storage the way you want it before starting your backup.

Arma: Your Data Protection Partner

At Arma, we're dedicated to offering top-notch data protection solutions. This update reflects our commitment to our partner's needs. If you have questions or need assistance with these changes, please contact our support team here.

Learn about Storage Management, including configuring Primary and Secondary Storage options, in the Arma Data Protection Knowledge Base.

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