Arma Data Protection into general release!

September 4, 2023

Following our successful early adopter programme, we are proud to announce that Arma Data Protection Cloud is now in general release.

Efficient:  Arma is a robust and intuitive cloud-based endpoint and server data protection platform for MSP’s and IT Pro’s with everything you need to deliver reliable, cost effective, data protection services.

Low Cost of Ownership:  Built with cost of ownership in mind.  100% cloud (no expensive appliances required), low per device cost and out-of-the-box Wasabi storage that is 80% cheaper than Amazon S3.

Sustainability: Arma Backup is committed to sustainable tech practices. Our next-gen solution optimizes server resources and minimizes energy consumption, reducing the environmental impact while delivering top-notch data protection.

“We’re excited to offer Arma Data Protection’s next-generation product in general release for the modern MSP.  The ability to slash endpoint and server backup costs with a next generation cloud service alongside industry-leading security and compliance is a profitability gamechanger for MSP’s”. – Gerard Mould, Arma General Manager.

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