Huge upgrade coming! Naverisk 2018 R3 is on its way

June 11, 2018

When we (re)took ownership of Naverisk in December 2017, we made a commitment to deliver the best IT services automation platform on the market to our partners.

Our determination and commitment to do so remains unwavering!

As such, we are super excited to announce the pending release of Naverisk 2018 R3, click to see the highlights here.

Business Intelligence & Reporting Engine Upgrade!

Delivering beautiful drag and drop dashboards and reports from a completely new reporting and BI (Business Intelligence) engine.

This upgrade turns our reporting and BI dashboards into a competitive strength for our partners!

User Interface Upgrade

An upgrade to Naverisk’s User Interface to improve navigation and usability.

Project Management Improvements & Templates

Create reusable, standardised, IT services Project Templates.

ECi e-automate 2-Way Integration Upgrade

An upgrade to the existing e-automate integration to provide full “2-way” round trip ticketing.

Zendesk Integration

A brand new Zendesk integration.

The contribution from our partners in the Naverisk forum is a HUGE part of our roadmap development process – we are appreciative of all our partners for contributing.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance in any way at all. We will keep you updated.

Naverisk 2018 R3, click to see the highlights here.

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