Introducing the new Naverisk Service Desk

August 28, 2019

Delivering remote support in a simple and efficient manner with the new Naverisk Service Desk!

We’ve received a lot of awesome feedback from our clients lately, and the #1 most requested item was a new service desk. We’re very happy to announce that we took this on board. As a result, the new service desk is set to launch in September 2019, packed with features that enable MSPs and IT Pros to work faster and more efficiently.

Let’s have a look at what’s new.

Intuitive Layout

The service desk is where your technicians will be spending a lot of their time. It needs to be user-friendly and display critical details and actions. The new design and layout ticks both of these boxes.

Device details and key actions are displayed on the sides of the service desk, meaning you can quickly analyse the issue, communicate with the customer, and take key actions such as a device restart, all from the one screen. This saves time and enables you to work much faster, meaning you can better hit your SLAs.

Collaboration Tools

It takes a team to deliver great customer service. The new service desk is built with teams in mind, meaning that collaboration between technicians is at the center of the design.

The ability to tag teammates into conversations enables easy collaboration. Importantly, it allows technicians to seamlessly handover in-progress tickets or request assistance on projects.

As a result, you can now troubleshoot tickets solely from the comfort of the service desk. No more switching over to other messaging tools to request assistance on an issue. Do it all from the one platform.

Outbound & Inbound HTML Emails

When we were scoping out this project, one of the key requirements was that all critical information could be accessed in a simple format, on a single screen. The new service desk ticks this box. All emails, whether inbound or outbound, will retain their HTML formatting. No re-formatting, no searching for lost images.

Consequently, you can now read all service desk messages just as you would read your emails. The formatting is retained and threads are easily navigated. You can also make basic content edits, such as adding colors, highlighting text and inserting in-line images, just as you would in Outlook.

What’s Next?

When we were planning this project our goal was simple: to create a service desk that MSPs & IT Pros would love.

Did we achieve that? You tell us. We are already working on a number of new features for the service desk but we want to hear from you, so let us know your thoughts.

If you want to test out the new service desk ahead of release, contact us at and we’ll set you up with a trial environment, complete with all the new features.

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The new service desk is set to be released in September 2019. If you’re a current Naverisk client, keep an eye out for the changes in your Naverisk instance. If not, get a FREE demo of Naverisk today!

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