Naverisk 2019 R2 features new Service Desk + more

September 12, 2019

The latest release of Naverisk is designed to help MSPs and IT Professionals provide world-class support the most efficient way possible.

We’re excited to announce that Naverisk 2019 R2 has now been released. This has been a massive release, with features such as the new service desk and ChatOps redefining how the platform can be used. In addition to the Mac & Linux enhancements, Naverisk is helping MSPs and IT Professionals deliver world-class support without breaking the bank.

New Service Desk

The hero feature of R2! Designed specifically for MSPs and IT Pros, the new service desk features an intuitive layout and an improved flow of work.

Undertake all your key actions straight from the service desk, including collaborating directly with your teammates, triggering a device restart, running a script and more.

Key features include:

  • Collaboration tools – mention teammates in conversations, keep notes on conversations
  • Intuitive layout – access key information and actions from a single screen
  • HTML formatting for inbound and outbound emails
  • Multiple categories for tickets

See here for a full rundown on the new service desk.


We’re bringing ChatOps to the IT service platform!

With the ability to mention technicians in tickets you can keep conversations within Naverisk. No more wasting time switching between systems!

Mac & Linux upgrades

Open up new revenue streams by offering Mac & Linux support! We’ve expanded the Mac & Linux functionality of Naverisk, meaning you now have more support options.

Features include:

  • Remote console to Mac & Linux devices
  • Run scripts directly on one or more Mac & Linux devices
  • Device task manager – interactive restart services and processes
  • Process & Service monitoring
  • Restart & Shutdown commands
  • Agent update scripts – easy update of Mac & Linux to the latest release using Run Upgrade script on next connect

Business Intelligence enhancements

Gain insights and optimize your business with expanded Business Intelligence functions.

Combine this with the new service desk to optimize your support delivery. Run reports on technician efficiency and SLAs.

Key features include:

  • Increased dashboard options
  • All new service delivery metrics to optimize IT services
  • All new financial metrics to optimize business operations
  • Drag & drop improvements

Bug Fixes

As part of this release we’ve also addressed a number of bugs, including:

  • Connectwise integration issues
  • Site Controller maintenance completion error
  • Quickbooks connection error
  • Memory & network information inconsistency
  • Ticket archive timing error
  • Pinned items issue
  • Script pack saving errors

Thank You

We’d like to say a big thank you to the Naverisk community. The new service desk was built upon feedback received from our users.

Keep the feedback coming. This continuous improvement loop enables us to achieve our goal of building a platform that helps MSPs and IT service professionals work quicker, smarter and more effectively!

Deliver world-class service with Naverisk:

We’re constantly striving to provide a better RMM, Service Desk & PSA platform for MSPs and IT service professionals. Our aim is to provide deep features at the best price. If you’re not already on the platform, get a demo of Naverisk today.

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