Naverisk 2019 R3

January 8, 2020

We’ve packed our final update of 2019 with new features and improvements.

Naverisk 2019 R3 introduces cloud service monitoring, Service Desk Knowledge Base searches and major improvements to usability and workflow.

Cloud service and website monitoring

Users can now monitor cloud services and websites via device roles or on a specific device. This allows Naverisk users to create alerts, tickets and reports on service availability and response (latency) times. A common use case for MSPs is a value-add offering for customers, monitoring the performance of their cloud hosted websites.

Integrated Service Desk Knowledge Base

You can now search your Knowledge Base and documents directly from the Service Desk. The search also includes new granular search options. When viewing a ticket, users will now be to search for related documents then narrow search criteria to name, type, description or content.

Efficiency upgrades

Core to Naverisk 2019 R3 is a host of upgrades to the user workflow. This includes faster loading pages, more intuitive options and retention of work in progress on pinned tickets.

  • Pinning a ticket to the ribbon will temporarily save WIP.
  • Added visual indicator when list of dropdown items is more than is shown.
  • Added the ability to auto-populate Notes fields using an agreement predetermined values. (e.g.: Cost per hour and billable checkbox)
  • Removed unnecessary requests which slowed down page loading speed. No visible user interface changes.
  • Improved ticket loading speed.
  • Task manager Process list memory exceeding 4GB will display as “4194300+”.
  • Added Windows 10 version (i.e.: 1903, 1909, etc) into the Operating System tab of Devices.
  • Security – non-SSL email support removed.
  • Security – QuickBooks Integration to OAuth2 authentication.
  • Security – Mac Agent digitally signed.

User requested bug fixes

Based on feedback from our users, we addressed the following bugs:

  • Fixed: Session not logging out when on Device page after set time out.
  • Fixed: Editing time note under certain condition would affect billable option check box.
  • Fixed: Issue with Option to re-open ConnectWise tickets feature.
  • Fixed: Issue with some special characters in Notes.
  • Fixed: Editing notes if inline image containing special characters in file name is inserted.
  • Fixed: Issue when typing or copying dates in Calendar component across the application.
  • Fixed: Improve installer due to databases connection’s time outs.
  • Fixed: Issue with foreign characters used in Documents.
  • Fixed: Adding attachments to tickets and notes missing from audit log.
  • Fixed: Splashtop silent installer update.
  • Fixed: Non billable Expense Note is throwing an error when saving without Amount and Quantity values.
  • Fixed: When editing a note, entered values are saved after clicking “Cancel”.
  • Fixed: Sending appointments via iCAL from ticket not working.
  • Fixed: Name of technician not always displayed correctly in Time Notes.
  • Fixed: Emailing new users from tickets creates new ticket for wrong customer.
  • Fixed: Issue with entering decimals in Time Notes.
  • Fixed: Buttons for Documents page appearing on Service Desk page when they should not.
  • Fixed: Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 install updates fix.

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