Naverisk Mobile 2024 R1 Release Notes

April 5, 2024

Welcome to Mobile 2024 R1

In this latest version of the Naverisk mobile app, we are introducing device management to the Android version of the mobile application.  

Support for iOS devices will be coming soon…

Device screen

Display devices, both online and offline, across all your clients.

Filter and search devices

  • Views: Utilize your saved views from the Naverisk web application.
  • Search: Create custom device searches.
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Device tasks

  • Run script packs.
  • Restart agents and devices.

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Details tab

View detailed information about the selected device, including its status, uptime, user, IP address, and agent version.

Attributes tab

View and edit the attributes of a selected device, including owner, purchase, warranty, and lease dates, supplier, etc.

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Audit tab

Access the audit log for a selected device.

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Hardware tab

Access detailed hardware information for a selected device, including system, CPU, memory, storage, board, BIOS, etc.

OS tab

Access information about the operating system of a selected device.

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Here is a pdf version of the release notes: Download

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